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Upstate Mini-Conference September 6, 2014

Register Now Saturday, September 6, 2014 Canandaigua, New York Download Details Below Download the 2014 Upstate Conference Flyer Register … [Continue..]

Members Spotlight

Clare Piro on LookTV News.

Clare Piro on LookTV

Watch NYSCDM President Clare Piro explain divorce mediation and its benefits during her recent interview with Jesse Jackson … [Continue...]

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Jennifer Safian

il est urgent de ne rien faire! (It Is Urgent to Do Nothing!)

When I was in my late teens and early adulthood, I thought I had it “all figured out.” Who didn’t? But then when I did have doubts, I would become terribly upset because I HAD to make a decision quick! or else – of course – “the world would come to an end!” When I asked my grandfather, an “older … [Continue..]

Don Sinkov

Got Buyer’s Remorse?

How often have I heard, “I have a business but I don’t want to spend the money to get it valued. It’s way too expensive. I’ve heard it costs $20-30,000.” During the settlement negotiations, when one spouse has a business or the spouses are partners in the business, it is very important to get the … [Continue..]

BJ Mann

Mommy and Daddy Don’t Live Together Anymore

I often ask clients what they think their children understand about why they are living separately. What the parents say to the children may be far different from what the children actually hear and understand. The Child’s View of Divorce Imagine that your child is talking to his/her best … [Continue..]

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