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Downstate Mini-Conference December 13, 2014

Save the Date Saturday, December 13, 2014 John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, NY Details to Follow … [Continue..]

Members Spotlight

Clare Piro on LookTV News.

Clare Piro on LookTV

Watch NYSCDM President Clare Piro explain divorce mediation and its benefits during her recent interview with Jesse Jackson … [Continue...]

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Ada Hasloecher

The Dog, Mediation and You

When it comes to pets, I take this very seriously with my couples. People often get quite emotional about them for all the reasons we pet owners know. The notion that one spouse has to leave his or her pet behind because they may be moving into a rental apartment or condo where pets are not … [Continue..]

Jennifer Safian

I am ready for divorce. Are you?

Sometimes I meet with couples where one spouse is ready to separate and move on while the other is still hoping for reconciliation. Here are some of the comments that often come up when they enter my office and are not yet in agreement about commencing a separation conversation. Spouse #1: “My … [Continue..]

David Louis

Fear and Anger – Are They Kissing Cousins?

For many, the ending of a marriage is filled with a range of emotions that may be as broad as the menu at a good diner. In my divorce mediation and collaborative divorce practice, I observe this variety of feelings by one or both spouses. Most often, I see fear and anger. A typical client … [Continue..]

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