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2015 Annual Conference

Save the Date The New York State Council on Divorce Mediation will be holding its Annual Conference at the Renaissance Hotel in Harrison, NY from April 30- May 2, 2015. Details to follow.   … [Continue..]

Members Spotlight

Clare Piro on LookTV News.

Clare Piro on LookTV

Watch NYSCDM President Clare Piro explain divorce mediation and its benefits during her recent interview with Jesse Jackson … [Continue...]

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Daniel Burns

Breaking an Impasse

Bob* and Mary* were about halfway through their first mediation session when Bob announced that he was never going to leave the house. He did not want the divorce and did not feel it fair to have to leave his home. Mary indicated that she was okay with that but wanted her name off the mortgage so … [Continue..]

Ada Hasloecher

We Have To Talk

Are there any four words in the English language that we dread hearing more than those? Well, I can think of a few more, but in terms of a relationship, these words truly strike at our hearts. The things that probably come to mind almost immediately are: 1. Something is wrong 2. Something is wrong … [Continue..]

Deborah Hope Wayne

It’s Not All about the Dress: 5 Reasons Brides Should Consider a Pre-Nup

It's no secret that saying the word, "pre-nup" to a newly engaged person often brings on a whole range of emotions. To many people, suggesting a pre-nup is effectively the same as questioning their loyalty to their future husband or wife. There is often an assumption that suggesting a pre-nup … [Continue..]

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