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Downstate Mini-Conference December 13, 2014

Save the Date Saturday, December 13, 2014 John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, NY Details to Follow … [Continue..]

Members Spotlight

Clare Piro on LookTV News.

Clare Piro on LookTV

Watch NYSCDM President Clare Piro explain divorce mediation and its benefits during her recent interview with Jesse Jackson … [Continue...]

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David Louis

Fear and Anger – Are They Kissing Cousins?

For many, the ending of a marriage is filled with a range of emotions that may be as broad as the menu at a good diner. In my divorce mediation and collaborative divorce practice, I observe this variety of feelings by one or both spouses. Most often, I see fear and anger. A typical client … [Continue..]

Susan Ingram

Integrated Team Mediation: What Is It and How Can It Benefit You?

For family and divorce mediation to be done as effectively as possible, I believe an integrated team approach must be utilized. I use the term “Integrated Team Mediation” to describe this approach. So what do I mean by this? First let me explain some basics: At the core of the team is the couple … [Continue..]

Don Sinkov

When Parents Argue in Front of their Children

A recent client had an issue regarding his wife’s elderly mother. They were looking for a place for her to live. The husband had very graciously said: “You know, it’s fine with me. She can come live with us. I know she’s your mom, and I’m sure you have very strong feelings for her and feel … [Continue..]

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